Rental Equipment

At Elegant Gigs, we are uniquely positioned to provide for all of your sound services. Maybe you want to hype a live set, or throw a house party for the gang. Rest assured that through our in-house team we deliver highest quality of production and flawless results.

We understand that each venue and event requires its own custom built sound elements. Our production team will work with you to determine your requirements to ensure a completely successful and flawless activation of all the sound elements

We are your ideal providers of:

Passive speakers, microphones, DJ gear, stands, powered speakers, passive mixers, Bass Amplifiers, Fog machine, Portable PA systems, Powered Mixer, power amplifiers, mics, lights, lapel mics, cables, standby generator.

Now that we know you are looking for an experience of a lifetime, the kind that will be remembered long after, a lit experience for your audience or concert, then we’d love to be your partner in realising your every fantasy.