Wedding Services

Its celebration time and at Elegant Gigs we pride ourselves on getting to know our clients stylish and memorable weddings. We believe in customizing the music for ceremonies to make every event unique and special. We do this by listening to the clients need s and ensuring that the music we play reflects on the client’s personality.

Do you need that slow lovely music to ease tension, or the rock and roll to heighten spirits and the crowds, whichever your taste is, surprisingly we’ve got your back! What’s more is that we gauge the level of support and services that you might require then put together a proposal that meets those needs. We offer an a la carte of services that will be custom selected for your proposal.

Always remember that we at Elegant offer live sound reinforcement which is of great essence. Tell you what! We can mic your officiant with a cordless clip-on mic so even your “late arrivals” will hear the ceremony. We accommodate all and sundry! Your wedding is not just a reflection of you -it is you. Only more so. We look forward to telling your story together.


Our art is creating an amazing wedding reception, in our little black book we mean no time is wasted finding the right creativity because we are creativity ourselves. It’s our approach to your wedding that will make the reception amazeballs: we are respective, collaborative, creative and cool under pressure. You get surprise and delight in all the right places, the caterer will ensure a smooth flow of the event, the DJ will set the atmosphere accordingly, transition of music will be seamless, he will put the right pauses when necessary. We promise comforting professionalism just when you need it most.

There’s no single secret formula to a perfect wedding. Every couple is unique and so is every wedding. we always combine passion with efficiency, strategy with originality, detail with dreams and perfection with fun. Setting the atmosphere is a responsibility all vendors at a reception share. As the entertainer and MC for the event, our goal is to create the atmosphere the clients convey to us at their details meeting. Conveying the right atmosphere at the beginning of the event and carrying the mood through to the end helps to create long lasting and memorable occasion.

What’s Included:

  • An optional pre-booking meeting, either face-to-face, phone, or skype, to make sure we are a match
  • Premium sound system with two subwoofers
  • One high quality wireless handheld microphone
  • A face-to-face, phone, or skype planning meeting to discuss all of the event details with your DJ or our DJ
  • Personal assistance through duration of event planning
  • Online planning that takes the guesswork out of weddings
  • Song suggestions for all your reception events
  • Highly qualified DJ for the entirety of the event
  • Gazillion options to help make it the event of your dreams

Wedding & Vendor Etiquette
As part of your “yes i do” day, we are responsible for making it a success. So, it is very important for us to maintain a healthy relationship and professionalism with you. We always bring class and style to an event by educating ourselves on wedding etiquette and practising them. We understand planning weddings can be stressful even on the day especially if you encounter unpleasant stereotypes of DJs. it is important for us to show that we do not fit those stereotypes. By performing our best at every event, we hope to show what a wedding DJ can be. We don’t like boring, neither do we like mediocre. Be certain that none of your guests will be dull, grumpy or offended; our choice will ensure that every song satisfies the audience. Again, etiquette and professionalism remains our second nature! Take that to the World Bank.


We at Elegant Gigs insist that planning your dream wedding doesn’t require you to rob a bank, we understand that you’re working on a budget. We will help you on cost-cutting by suggesting good and affordable vendors. We will make you get good quality at a less reasonable price. Our online rates also facilitate in helping you make decisions.


Hey! It is your wedding, and we know how personal the day is. So everything needs to go right. Absolutely no spoilers! The Elegant Gigs team will 101% deliver what you exactly need in terms of lighting and sound entertainment. Just the way you love it. With expertise on sound and lighting gear, our staff will work with you to customize the equipment you need for your wedding day. Our wedding packages fit the needs of our most common wedding rentals. Check them out on our Wedding Packages page.


Wedding planning is un-doubly a tedious process. The elegant gigs have made the yoke light for you when it comes to the rental process. To make the rental process simple & easy, Elegant Gigs is open 6 days a week and takes reservations which can be done online. Alternatively, come visit us or give us a call. We make everything easy and straight-forward.

Let Elegant Gigs staff do it! Yes! We will do it for you! Good as it sounds. We remove the stress of you coming to pick up and set up your gear on the big day. We are the guys who make your life easy, the ultimate stress relievers. Consider a perfectly set up equipment that is working just the way it is meant to and done at the most affordable price. How comforting. Just how relaxing. Go ahead and contact us on phone or email to get a quote on your specific needs.

In our quest to have you live loud on your special day, we ensure that a team member is onsite throughout your event. He will set up your gear and tear it down at the end. We are pros in sound equipment and production, coupled with great customer service, you are definitely in good hands. With a clean, aesthetic and efficient set up from yours truly, everything in your event will run very smoothly.